Friday, January 16, 2015

Bikini Kill

Dress ** Lydia Gave it to me <3
Thigh high Socks ** Sock Dreams
Moonies ** Amazon

Well hello everyone! Ahah just kidding, I know no one reads this blog.
Anyways I'll get to it! I've been wearing these socks pretty much every other day, they are the best thigh highs I've owned! I got a pair of purple ones too :3
I stitched a Bikini Kill patch my friend made me for my birthday onto this dress last night to spiff it up ;D
Not much to say today, so catchya later!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alkaline Trio

Retro 80's Shirt ** Hawaii
Flower Slip Dress ** Urban Outfitters
Vertical Striped Tights ** Sock Dreams
Legwarmers ** Ragstock
Creepers ** TUK

I'm feeling really good today! I mean I'm still pretty sick, but emotionally and spiritually I'm feeling good :)
I've cut out the negative tumors in my life and all is well in Chloe-land. My grandmother sent me this AWESOME Net shirt that makes me feel like I should be in Austin Powers! It's so nice <3 It was for my birthday last weekend! I didn't much like the pictures I took with my vertical Striped Nylons yesterday so I decided to just redo 'em! This was a really nice outfit to work with and I'm satisfied with how everything turned out ;)
Well I hope everyone else is having a stellar day! <3
Farewell I'm off to studying <33

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Parka ** Boohoo
Skirt ** Old from forever21 (Similar here)
Vertical Sheer Tights ** Sock Dreams (sold out) similar here
Moon Boots ** Amazon

Today I'm going on overdrive with studying and it's pretty crazy ;D
I have been wearing this Parka WHERE EVER I go haha It's the warmest thing ever and is super long :3
I got these stockings like last week or something and I have been wanting a pair of vertical striped tights for a while now and finally got around to it! :) They go with everything and I love 'em.
This shirt is my sleep shirt and I love it bunches! I never felt like I could wear stuff like this because of my previous friendships and I wasn't allowed to wear certain things or it'd piss people off. Thankfully I cut that out of my life and now I feel so free and just Chloe :)
That was all very vague^^ But I don't want to get into it haha
Anywho I should probably wear something other than my moon boots in my next outfit seeing as I've worn them 3 in a row now haha but who cares ;D
Anyways I gotttsss to goesssss

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Willow Rosenberg

Fuzzy Pink Sweater ** Target
Velvet Skirt ** Forever 21
Legwarmers ** Ragstock
Moonies ** Amazon

So I got this fuzzy pink sweater on sale at Target a few days ago, and I love it soooo much! The main reason I went for pink was because it reminds me of Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (aka the best show on earth and my inspiration for life in general) ANYwho these nylons are my new obsession <3 ahah as obessesed with an article of clothing you can get? I dunno clothes are just material possessions and they don't really mean shit haha They're so trivial, but hey I like expressing my own style with 'em so yay! Little things in life right? ;3
Well I gotta go! I've been doing so much math lately and have to go start some more!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Out of Sight, Out of MInd.

Jacket ** Local Thrift Store
Leggings ** Ebay
Scarf ** Istanbul
Legwarmers ** similar Here
Purple Moonies ** Amazon

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Jacket ** Lydias(vintagte)
Flannel ** thrifted
Leggings ** Hot Topic
Shoes ** TUK
I just got back from babysitting and  I was like "hey! I actually wore something decent" hahah
So I took pictures quickfast before it started raining :P
I feel so fluffing comfy!! It's so nice :3
I still have Lydia's jacket from Halloween because it is so perff and warm <3
Anyways I'm gonna go play some Dark Souls!