Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jinx Removing

Hello all! I don't even know if anyone checks my blog out ever, but I forgot to post a couple days ago when I posted this look on so here it is!
My friend Abby and I went to this park last weekend and decided to take pictures! Unfortunately the sun was setting which is why it is so dark in these photos! I really really liked this place, it was like out of a fairytale :3
I haven't ever really posted every day for more than 3 days straight, but hopefully this summmer I'll be a much better blogger than I am now!
My boyfriend fractured his wrist in several different places about a week ago. So I've just been at his house practically everyday now. We've just been watching every x-men/Wolverine movie in existence. I fucking love X-men so much, and on May 23rd X-men Days Of Future is coming out and I'm so flippin' excited! I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it! Hopefully I can drag Jay away from his house for one night to go see it with me :3
Anyways that's it for now! Hope you enjoy the pictures! ;P

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