Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Little Angelfuck

I've always really wanted to take railroad track photos :3
And these turned out so well, I fluffin' love them! I put so many up I couldn't decide which ones I liked more :3
My sister gave me her pair of brand new T.U.K. creepers and I'm in love with them x3
They are amaaazingg. So comfy and casual, and I'm only 5"3 so it's nice to be a couple inches taller ;P Creepers are a perrfect match for my thigh high socks so that's lovely :) I feel like such a little doll in this dress I love it!
I dyed my hair again.. I always have problems sticking with one hair colour for a long period of time haha.
Well I'm waiting at urgent care right now for my boyfriend to finish getting x-rays. He fell down :/
So anywho, farewell all! Have a stellar night :3

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