Monday, April 28, 2014

Missing A Part Of Me.

Caska Storm Jay-Robert-George-Maronen

I've never really felt that connected to any dog before. I grew up with one, a beagle sheltie mixed. He turned out to be crazy and just bark all the time and was a stress on everyone's life. I still loved him though, I mean he's my childhood dog right?
Well in December my boyfriend Jay wasn't doing anything with his life. He had no responsibilities at age 17 and played video games all day. 
A few days after Christmas his house got robbed. That was sort of like a wake up call for him.
He realized he needed to start being more productive and actually go somewhere with his life. He started talking about getting a Siberian Husky. Being winter and all, there was a crap ton of little husky litters on the market. It started out as just an idea, but I really did some digging and on January 11th the day after my birthday, Abby's mom drove Jay and I up somewhere around Bay city to welcome an all white purebred Siberian Husky Puppy. 
She was a tough puppy, we could tell. A little shy, but seemed to be a perfect match for Jay. We named her Caska. (Kah-ska)
Everything was going so perfect, Jay just got a motorcycle and was working and paying off his debts from buying Caska and his motorcycle. 
And out of nowhere he broke his wrist. He couldn't work anymore and couldn't afford to pay for Caska's vet visits, pills, spaying, etc... and then it was like disaster after disaster kept coming. The place where Jay lived wasn't allowing him to keep Caska off leash and on top of that there was a $600 fine we didn't know about plus an extra $25 a month for having a pet in the park. 
Before long Jay and I realized We would have to find a new home for Caska. 
It broke my heart to put up the add for the puppy we had once searched for. 
3 hours after I put it up I got a phone call from a woman on a farm half an hour away that own 1,000 acres of land. This woman seemed to be perfect for what we wanted for Caska. 
So we set up the dates for Caska to go to her new place.
She left Sunday evening. 
It was one of the hardest things I've done to see her drive away with Caska who had brought me so much joy and love. 
I hope with all my aching heart that Caska is adjusting well and learns that she has a new home now..
Anyways this post is for Caska, not in order, but these are pictures starting from the first day we saw her ending with her last day with us...

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