Saturday, April 12, 2014

Last Chance For A Slow Dance

So today it was a fluffin' beautiful day and Abby and I decided to go to the park and take pictures and take advantage of the sun. Of course somehow we always get caught up in doing so many things that we usually miss the sun and take pictures right when it's setting :P
But who cares because it was so nice out anyways!
I got this shirt from a friend in 6th grade it's actually a MCR shirt which is embarrassing, but I think the shirts pretty chill, I cut it into a crop top for warmer weather :3 I got this skirt from a thrift store in Hawaii for like 2 bucks c:
Anywho, I should really be studying right now instead of updating my blog so I think I'm gonna catchya later!

These creeper boots are from which is this super groovy website that sells a bunch of really cool shoes! I got them last summer and am so glad the snow is melted so I can actually walk in these now! 

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