Thursday, May 22, 2014

As You Were...

Vintage Lace Bustier ** thrifted (similar here)
Long Velvet Skirt ** thrifted (similar here)
Striped Rucksack ** Wet Seal
Black Suede Creepers ** my sister (similar here)
I actually really liked my outfit today. I'm not usually comfortable in such long skirts, but this just made me feel elegant haha
My Creepers may retire by the end of this summer.. There are holes on the bottom because I wear them so much :P
I don't think I'm going to get another pair though.. To be honest I think I went through some sort of creepers phase because they aren't that all appealing to me anymore.
Also! Last fall I made a deal with myself: I wouldn't watch Buffy until the summer.
I used to watch Buffy every other day because I love it that much.
But things are just so much better when you haven't seen them in a while so hence the wait.
Anywho June is coming! So I can watch Buffy >:D
I am so fucking excited. Seriously.
I might go to Hawaii this summer with my boyfriend (My grandmother lives in Hawaii. She doesn't like to be called grandma though so we call here Imme) all I have to do is come up with Jay's plane ticket. I got a few babysitting jobs lined up for this summer which should be cool. Maybe I'll finally get those nosebleeds! And a leather jacket that isn't absurdly huge on me :P
I'm so sorry for going on and on but I'm just excited for summer (:
I might be going up north to a cabin with Jay and his mom too! It just depends on his mom though.. She doesn't really like me...
Abby and I are taking a road trip sometime in July hopefully. (because it will be hot) and we're going up north! :D
Anywho that's it for now~
Catchya on the flip side! ;D

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