Saturday, May 24, 2014

Days of Future Past

Dress ** Romwe
Wedges ** urban outfitters (similar here)

So yesterday was fucking wonderful! I went to see X-men: Days of Future Past and it was amazing. I loved it so much. It was really sad in some parts, and other really happy.
Quicksilver was fucking hott. lol anywho I cried so hard at the end when Jean was alive..
And Rogue and Bobby were together. 
In X-men: the Last Stand Jean died and for 8 years of my life I was distraught that Wolverine had to kill her, it was so heartbreaking. In Days of Future Past she is alive in the end because Logan changed the future and I just sobbed with happiness for like 10 minutes. It seriously was a life changing movie as weird as that sounds. I love the X-men movies so much and they mean almost as much as Buffy means to me. 
I highly recommend going and seeing that movie.
Well Anyways, my sister and mom are going to Portland Oregon today so I have a bunch of cleaning to do if I don't want to be stuck with a messy house!
Jay might be coming over later to play video games :3
I got a bunch of healthy foods to eat with him too!
He loves apples lol...
So Yeah, I gotta gooooo
Catchya on da Flip Side!~

-Chollll Crayter

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