Friday, May 2, 2014

No Future For You

I am in love with this dress oh my goodness. The way it just flows down, and shows off your shoulders just mph. Perfect.
I got this Lucca Couture dress at Urban Outfitters a while ago with my friend Abby Shah! We both got one, full price it was $40 but we got it on sale for 10 bucks! >:D Scoreee!
These criss crossed black suede wedges are also from Urban Outfitters. My mom got them on sale too.
They are Kimchi Blue brand and I put the studs on them my self to spice em up Cheeky Plum style! 
My mom bought me these silver fishnet tights for me at DSW and I'm surprised they're not more ripped. A lot of people like the whole "ripped tights look" but it make me sooo frustrated every time I get a rip in a pair of tights >.<
It's just the most ridiculous thing when people rip their tights on purpose. 
Anywho I have to go do school and play some Call of Duty MW3 ;D
Catchya later

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