Saturday, May 3, 2014

Witching Hour

My friend Abby Shah gave me this dress quite some time ago, I never wore it because I just didn't know what to match it with. These tights are from Urban Outfitters when I was in 6th grade so they are pretty old, but I am still so in love with them. Vertical stripes might be the best pattern on the planet.
Last night my boyfriend played a show with his band 
He came back and was extremely tired and worn out, so I didn't spend the night at his place for once. 
I kind of have issues sleeping by myself though which really sucks. 
So I spent the night at Abby's place.
anywho about the picture on the bottom, I just really wanted to capture the caged chest of this dress which is so fluffing lovely.
The round blue-ish necklace you can't really see is from my childhood, it has the sun in the middle and all of the Zodiac members around it.


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