Sunday, May 11, 2014


Ohhhh yeah! Wolverine shirt fuckyes<3
Abby and I went to Target a week ago and look what a beautiful shirt I found! :3
I'm a total fangirl for Wolverine it's cray cray.
And oh, how I've missed my docs! I've been wearing my creepers for so long I forgot how much I love my docs.
My grandma in Hawaii sent me these thigh highs a long time ago and I love them so much, it's heartbreaking how ripped up they've gotten :P
Doing considerably well seeing as all of my other stockings are in pieces and you can't even tell how to get your leg through them lol
And goddd I love this lipstick so much I wish I never had to take it off <3
Anywho I hope you are all having a lovely mother's day and farewell!


Awww, look how cute Abby is! :3


  1. Your outfit it's super cool
    very nice pieces :)
    Love your blog