Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Shirt ** Spooky Basements
Shorts ** Go Jane (diy cut off leggings)
Creepers ** Tuk
Rose Spiked headband ** Etsy
Arm Cuff ** Etsy

So incredibly not hot out today it's perfect <3
I am so very very ill, I got some really annoying sickness over the weekend and it hurts my head whenever I even stand up or cough..It really sucks :/
I finally got a pair of thigh high nylons without lace at the top so I can wear them with shorts 'n stuff without being provocative looking :P
This is one of the original 4 (or 3) Spooky basements shirts that were made (:
Before my boyfriend; Jay, was even going out with me he gave it to me for some unknown reason. They hadn't even played a show yet, so their band wasn't even out in the open. That was before there was an over abundance of Spooky Basements shirts and there were only 4 (or 3) in existence. And I have one of them! :D
So yeah this shirt is pretty meaningful to me. I used to wear it a fuck ton until a whole bunch of people got them, including my mom lol
Well you should go check them out (I linked their facebook page) because they're worth your time!
Catchya on the flip side~

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