Wednesday, June 4, 2014

End HIts.

Tweety crop top ** Forever 21
Dark Acid Wash High Waisted Shorts (diy studs) **Gojane
Docs ** Get them here

These shorts and this shirt <3
I got the shirt a little while ago off of the forever 21 website, I love Tweety ever since I was a kid and so many people don't even realize that Tweety is a dude which I think is funny.
 What better than to match it with my dream shorts? I am seriously considering getting another pair.
And of course my docs are a go to move when it comes to life. Like I said I think I'm retiring my creepers this summer and my boots are my absolute fav <3
Anywho, my friend Abby is getting some ink done today and we are both so hyped up for it!!
Catchya on da flip side~

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