Friday, June 27, 2014

Never Leave Me

Beanie ** Hot Topic
Creepers ** Tuk
Tye Dye Shirt ** Market in Hawaii
High Waisted Shorts ** Thrifted

A while ago my boyfriend made a decision to find a new home for our siberian husky puppy Caska because he broke his arm and couldn't take proper care of her or work or give her the attention she needed. In all honesty I've never seen him care about anything the way he cared about her. Not even me. It was really hard and I'm still dealing with it. Today I called the woman who Caska is now with, she said that she's very happy and takes 3 mile walks with her husband. She also sent me a picture of her swimming. Caska always liked the water.. Anyways that's what's been on my mind lately.
I wish I could see her but looks like the closest I'll get is this photo.
I miss her more than anything. 
I miss Jay too. He's been very insensitive lately and it's getting old.
Anywho I have to go put my head in a bucket of ice.

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