Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Long Way Home

Shirt ** Market in Hawaii
Vest ** Thrifted
Skirt ** Thrifted
Tights ** ASOS
Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Coltranes ** Sold out

So! Today I woke up at fricken' 6am to go to the doctors office, but my mom forgot we switched doctors and they don't open until 8am so we are going in at 2pm instead. Anywho I feel sooo sick. I always get sick when I wake up early I don't know how people do it >.<
Well one benefit of getting up early is now I get a head start on school projects and I got to take pictures earlier than 4pm! 
Also for some reason I picked out my outfit quickly and I love it! I expected it to be boring because of how little sleep I got (I went to bed at 3am) but it actually just made me channel the energy I used to have every morning about picking out my outfit for the day.
Abby always tells me I look so cute just doing nothing. Which is kinda how I felt today! :3
People always tell us we look so much a like, but seriously when you think about it we're a bit of opposite visually. Abby is tall and thin and model-esque and makes everything she does look casually perffffect <3 on the other hand I'm short and bouncy lol
But yeah today I felt pretty much like a doll!
Sorry everything is thrifted except the tights! I guess that says a lot about my wardrobe/style, the fact that on days like this when I am really feeling the Chloe vibes all of my clothes are from thrift shops haha <3
Well I hope you have a stellar day!

Oh hey! You can see my smiley piercing which is rare for Chloe photos.. lol
I pierced it myself when I was 15 and I still have it <3 

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