Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Medication Generation

Purple Beanie ** Hot Topic
Arm cuff ** Etsy
Dress ** thrifted (similar Here)
Boots ** dr. martens

Hello all! I just found this dress yesterday in my garage. Abby and I went thrifting like a year and a half ago and we found a bunch of floral dress and cut them so they actually are pretty cute! :3
I decided to add a sort of "grunge" element to it with my usual docs and some thigh highs. I got this beanie from hot topic which in the winter was around $30! :o 
But since it's summer it was on sale for only $10!
You can't really see my leaf arm cuff, but I absolutely adore it! >.<
It will probably be popping up in a few posts more often ;D
I have to babysit tonight which is good because I'm super broke :P
I am still super sick and haven't seen my boyfriend since sunday which is making me a bit sad :/
I took these pictures all by my lonesome today! Abby was out and I borrowed her camera since I haven't been posting that much.. Sorry lol
Anyhow I'm gonna go now so Have a stellar evening! <3 ~

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