Saturday, June 21, 2014

Unif Shoes!

Unif Heathers Boot

So! This is just a shoe post (i do not own any pictures)
Anywho the why is because I have been saving up money lately for a pair of unif boots. I don't know which one's I want for sure yet, but I know that it's one of these.. I realize probably no one will do this, but can you please leave a comment on which pair (in your opinion) you like best! I just want outside opinions before I commit to spending $100+ on a pair of shoes :P
I would highly appreciate it! :3
I reeeeally love the trench boots which cost around $200 which is super pricey, but I've had my eye on them for a while :P
And then there's the unif Heather's boot which recently came out and I just have been looking for a pair of platform chunky heel booties FOREVER and these are perfff. The only doubts I have about them is the fact that the toe is a little square-ish which I'm not that into and the soles are rigid like creepers. I've kindof grown out of my creepers phase, but these boots are crazy perfect so I am completely torn.
The craft boot isn't so much on my list, I just like them and maybe someday I'll get them...
Anyways! I would really appreciate it if you commented your input :)

Unif High Trench Boot

Unif Craft Boot

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