Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tingling Tongues

Skirt ** Forever 21
Shirt ** Urban Outfitters
Shoes ** Dr. Martens

Hello! Today Is my last day in AZ and I'm sad :(
I have a reeeally bad earache though so maybe it's for the best because I can't go swimming with my earache :P
I know I've been wearing my boots pretty much everyday, but I only have them and my coltranes here so bare with me!
I had suuuch a weird dream last night. There was this dude that for some reason befriended me and then we were gonna go off and start a band lololl
Probably because last night I fell asleep thinking about playing guitarrrr...
I was also I witch in my dream! 
Well anyways I gotta go shower and stuff so I'll catchya later alligator!

I love the detail on this skirt! >.< <3


  1. Omg I've been trying to find blogs like yours! AKA. people with similarities to me, yay! Awesome blog, man! I need to improve on keeping up-to-date with mine haha

    1. Oh my goodness, I thought I replied to this :/
      Well thanks so much! You're blog aint too shabby yourself ;3
      Thank you for checking out my blog (: