Thursday, August 28, 2014

168 Hours

Shirt ** DIY
Shorts ** Go Jane
Stockings ** Fantasy Attic
Legwarmers ** Ragstock
Creepers ** TUK

So! I know there a like a thousand pictures here and non of them are edited (except the first three) but I don't care! I really liked my outfit :3
Also I haven't been spiking my hair lately because I really need to re-dye it and it's getting super fluffing long :o
I woke up around 2 today and no one was home :O I was super confused and no one's home still so whatevss..
It's been one week since Jay went up north and I miss him bucket loads! :P
I think he's getting back today so no worries :)
I need to wear these shorts more often because summer's ending and these shorts are seriously so amazing [:
Anywho! I hope you had a lovely day! Farewell~


  1. Wow! This set is amazing. I love ALL of these photos, especially the last, it made my heart skip a beat. *bow to your awesomeness*