Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dead End Kids

Shirt ** Forever 21
Satin Dress ** Thrifted
Socks ** Urban Outfitters
Boots ** Dr. Martens

This outfit is super not special I know haha
It's just my normal comfy wear. I cut the dress way too short and have to wear shorts underneath but I don't really care. I really like this shirt and never really wear it for some reason.
I've been listening to the Runaways and Joan Jett&The Blackhearts like crazy for the past day or so. So I'm in this super rock 'n roll girl power mood haha
It's actually quite hot out and I took the thigh highs off. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday! It was reeeally good. I loved itttt.
Well Yeah That's It for today.