Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Electric Soul

Dress ** Thrifted brand forever21
Shoes **demonia
Thigh Highs ** Sock dreams

So I know I haven't been wearing these AT ALL latley but the truth is, they're a size too big for me which is weird because they're demonia 8's and my friend Abby got Mary Janes from Demonia size 8 and they are tiny on me! So I guess Demonia sizes vary with the shoe? That's super annoying :/
Well I got this dress from a local thrift shop and I am IN LOVE like seriously it is the perfect little black dress, the length and everything.
I got these thigh highs a few months ago from sock dreams, they have the grooviest things :3
When my job starts I'm probably going to buying socks every other week haha
OH! And yesterday I got placed in the house of Hufflepuff! That's so exciting they have a badger as a mascott and that is like the cooolest thing ever, badgers are fucking sweet.
Anywho I'm gonna have to get some groovy fuckin' Hufflepuff house clothes to be super geeky {x
Well Abby and I are just chillen' at her place drinking tea so I hope you guys are having a stellar fuckin' day!
Toodle-loo! <3

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  1. Dear, I read on your blog that you're saying that all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us, but after seeing this post I would like to ask you that is this really what you would like to do with your time?