Monday, August 25, 2014


Overalls ** Bongo
Shoes ** TUK

I've wanted a pair of overall shorts since forever and ever! No, but really. Since the beginning of the summer! And it's already the end of August (sheesh!) And I just got a pair a few days ago! These are acid wash from and the brand is bongo. They go so nicely with a crop top and are perfect for those 80 degree days.. The Acid wash gives it sort of a grungy look which is really nice. Of course I paired it with my TUK Suede Creepers. 
I start babysitting from 8 to noon-4ish in a few weeks! Also I'm getting a new roomie :o
Her name is Clementine and is super groovy! She's form Georgia and seems like a supa nice gal.
I talked to my grandmother from Hawaii today <3 I miss her so dearly and hope I can save up enough babysitting money to see her in the winter. And possibly bring Abby along ;3
Jay's still up north, I've had a lotta free time on my hands and have been reading mostly. Well that and internettinggg. 
Anywho I hope you enjoy the photos and my outfits as much as I do! 
Feel free to comment I'd love to know your opinions!
Farewell! <3

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