Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Weight of the World

Romwe Caged dress
Unif Oi Boots

Thanks to Abby for letting me borrow her awesome clothes for this one! ;D
I'm going to re-enroll at school today and I'm gonna be there for flipping 3 hours which is not fun :(
But Abby's picking me up so that's like a light at the end of the tunnel! 
We're just gonna hangout at her place again and talk about plans for this weekend up north :3
I hope it all works out <33
My boyfriend and some of his band members went up north today and they'll be gone for a little while.
Anywho about the outfit!
This caged dress from romwe is Abby's and is sooo comfy! It's supa cool too and goes nicely with a crop top c:
The boots are hers too haha what are friends for though? Borrowing eachothers $100+ shoes so you don't have to pay double! :D
Anyways if I'm gonna be gone for that long I should eat something! 
See ya later <3

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  1. Outstanding pics, I like the way you have dressed and carried yourself. The Hair color and dye pattern is also trendy. The bet part of the fashion is that if it suits you, it does rocks your world.