Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Weight of the World

Romwe Caged dress
Unif Oi Boots

Thanks to Abby for letting me borrow her awesome clothes for this one! ;D
I'm going to re-enroll at school today and I'm gonna be there for flipping 3 hours which is not fun :(
But Abby's picking me up so that's like a light at the end of the tunnel! 
We're just gonna hangout at her place again and talk about plans for this weekend up north :3
I hope it all works out <33
My boyfriend and some of his band members went up north today and they'll be gone for a little while.
Anywho about the outfit!
This caged dress from romwe is Abby's and is sooo comfy! It's supa cool too and goes nicely with a crop top c:
The boots are hers too haha what are friends for though? Borrowing eachothers $100+ shoes so you don't have to pay double! :D
Anyways if I'm gonna be gone for that long I should eat something! 
See ya later <3

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