Friday, September 26, 2014

I Am Your Butterfly

Dress ** Thrifted (Lydia gave it to me)
legwarmers ** Ragstock
Shoes ** TUK
Hello all! I realize I haven't posted in about 3 weeks... Everything's been super confusing lately and I don't really feel all there.
My Computer only had 1.6 gigabytes on it and that's how my brain has felt. But I got an external hard drive and my friend Ian helped me out a fuck ton with clearing up space on my computer so that's awesome.
I've been hanging out with Fiona and Johnny a bunch and that's been rather nice.
Today I'm hanging out with Lydia while Abby goes to some bonfire and birthday party or somethin. We've been listening to SO MUCH Die Antwoord lol It's fucking awesome.
I've heard them before but just started liking them and they are so cool and badass and just awesome.
Anyways about the outfit! Lydia gave me a bunch of clothes yesterday because her style is evolving and mine has pretty much stayed the same lol
I dyed my hair hot red last weekend, but now it's turning into like hot hot pink and I'm gonna re dye it soon.. I just want super red hair that's darkish idk..
Well anywho I hope you're having a wonderful day! 
Catchya laterrr.

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