Thursday, September 4, 2014

Quick As Molasses

Shirt ** Target
Skurt ** Pacsun
Stockings ** Romwe
Legwarmers ** Ragstock
Creepers ** TUK

Hello all! My linking is on point today by the way! ;D
So this is just what I wore today and nothing special, put my high waisted plaid skirt with a graphic tee (wolverine<333) I seriously must acquire some more super hero shirts! They are always the comfiest thing and are super nice for casual days when you're just going to school :3
It was in the 80's today! It's September..Where's my glorious fall weather&colours? :P
Well Anywho I've been playing Harry Potter for like ever (just the past 18 hours or so) and it's the best thing EVER. Yesterday I played the PC game and now I'm playing the ps2 game. 
I never wear this backpack anymore because it's not exactly my style :b 
But I really do like it! Oh&these stockings I got from Romwe months ago and didn't wear them much due to 90 degree weather over the summer.. But these tights are seriously so cool, they look like thigh highs and have an attached suspender to them which is lovely <3
Anywho I gotta go kick the basilisk's ass now! 
Farewell <3 :)

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  1. I don't know but these are too many colours in one place for me I am I wrong if I say that this is Emo style but an interesting post nonetheless