Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Jacket ** Lydias(vintagte)
Flannel ** thrifted
Leggings ** Hot Topic
Shoes ** TUK
I just got back from babysitting and  I was like "hey! I actually wore something decent" hahah
So I took pictures quickfast before it started raining :P
I feel so fluffing comfy!! It's so nice :3
I still have Lydia's jacket from Halloween because it is so perff and warm <3
Anyways I'm gonna go play some Dark Souls!


  1. You have good fashion sense, loved the jacket and the bag but what I liked the most is red hair. Thank you for sharing such trendy post with us

  2. Very nice and attractive dressing for the winters. I really like your Jacket and bag. Both are my favorite. Keep dressing good

  3. Your hair color is amazing and different. You have a good sense of style and beauty. Whole dress is a good compliment with the shoes. So as a whole i must say you look like a fashion model.