Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alkaline Trio

Retro 80's Shirt ** Hawaii
Flower Slip Dress ** Urban Outfitters
Vertical Striped Tights ** Sock Dreams
Legwarmers ** Ragstock
Creepers ** TUK

I'm feeling really good today! I mean I'm still pretty sick, but emotionally and spiritually I'm feeling good :)
I've cut out the negative tumors in my life and all is well in Chloe-land. My grandmother sent me this AWESOME Net shirt that makes me feel like I should be in Austin Powers! It's so nice <3 It was for my birthday last weekend! I didn't much like the pictures I took with my vertical Striped Nylons yesterday so I decided to just redo 'em! This was a really nice outfit to work with and I'm satisfied with how everything turned out ;)
Well I hope everyone else is having a stellar day! <3
Farewell I'm off to studying <33


  1. OMG! are sick and still looking absolutely fabulous babes. your colorful skirt with net outfit is the great combination of nature and power. I liked all of your uploaded photos. I just noticed that you are wearing two different pair of shoes. ..Why?