Friday, January 16, 2015

Bikini Kill

Dress ** Lydia Gave it to me <3
Thigh high Socks ** Sock Dreams
Moonies ** Amazon

Well hello everyone! Ahah just kidding, I know no one reads this blog.
Anyways I'll get to it! I've been wearing these socks pretty much every other day, they are the best thigh highs I've owned! I got a pair of purple ones too :3
I stitched a Bikini Kill patch my friend made me for my birthday onto this dress last night to spiff it up ;D
Not much to say today, so catchya later!


  1. Nice post, I would like to request you to one more post about that Keep it up

  2. wow..great idea dear. is these socks are attached with the bikini? i am very impressed with this wear. you are looking so beautiful and sexy. colors are so cool, truly speaking.:)