Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Parka ** Boohoo
Skirt ** Old from forever21 (Similar here)
Vertical Sheer Tights ** Sock Dreams (sold out) similar here
Moon Boots ** Amazon

Today I'm going on overdrive with studying and it's pretty crazy ;D
I have been wearing this Parka WHERE EVER I go haha It's the warmest thing ever and is super long :3
I got these stockings like last week or something and I have been wanting a pair of vertical striped tights for a while now and finally got around to it! :) They go with everything and I love 'em.
This shirt is my sleep shirt and I love it bunches! I never felt like I could wear stuff like this because of my previous friendships and I wasn't allowed to wear certain things or it'd piss people off. Thankfully I cut that out of my life and now I feel so free and just Chloe :)
That was all very vague^^ But I don't want to get into it haha
Anywho I should probably wear something other than my moon boots in my next outfit seeing as I've worn them 3 in a row now haha but who cares ;D
Anyways I gotttsss to goesssss

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  1. wow! i love your emo photoshoots and this ootd is slay and so is your hair! you like a scene queen girl <3 you rock it babe. i like the background to your blog also.